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Circle Y

Circle Y 41 Shoulder Bridge Pad with Memory Foam

Circle Y 41 Shoulder Bridge Pad with Memory Foam

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Based on our saddle fitting experience, we offer several styles of bridge pads to accommodate some of the most common conformation issues that interfere with proper saddle fit. Designed to fit under your regular saddle pad, the bridge pads are made with memory foam that fills in the gaps between your horse and saddle which provides a more comfortable fit for your horse. Available in ¾” and 1” thicknesses encased in a soft covering for easy care.

The Shoulder Bridge pad is ideal for a horse with hollows behind the withers. Choose 3/4″ for moderate fill or choose 1″ for a more pronounced hollow.

Saddle trees are designed to fit the majority of horses based upon the tree’s specified use. Horse backs that are not typical will need a specialized pad solution to help fill in the gaps between the horse’s back and the tree to relieve pressure points.

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