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Equitare Cadence Dressage Bridle

Equitare Cadence Dressage Bridle

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A beautiful, clean look to really show off your mounts head. Soft, supple leather carefully rolled on cheeks and throatlatch to give a refined look. Padded, shaped brown, nose, chin and crown to give your horse ultimate comfort. Special crown design allows flexibility to not interfere with the horse's ears. Adjustable noseband with padded chin and removable flash for a perfect fit. Complete with smooth leather reins with rubber lining and internal hand stops for the best grip with the cleanest lines.

Bit not included.

Reins: 60" long x 5/8" wide

Brow: 16.5"

Bit end to bit end: 39"- 48"

Throatlatch: 37"-46", Nose: 27.5"-30"

Flash: 19"-23.5"

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