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Josey Banana Short Shank Gag - Smooth 2-Piece Bit

Josey Banana Short Shank Gag - Smooth 2-Piece Bit

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7 1/2″ Cheeks • 5 1/2″ Mouth • 3/8″ Smooth Sweet Iron • 2-Piece

If you are looking for more bend you should try out the Josey Banana Short Shank Gag. The extended gag movement allows for more bend and flexion at the poll. This bit is designed for both beginner and intermediate horses and should be used in practice.

Stage C bits are built for riders and horses who love neck reining. Horses who respond well to poll pressure are in Stage C. Features include solid mouthpieces and cheek attachments, and swivel cheeks with jointed mouthpieces or low to medium ports.

Reinsman’s Handshake Promise is a lifetime bit warranty from craftsmanship defects. Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality products from the best materials. Reinsman bits are warrantied to be free of craftsmanship defects throughout their useful life.

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