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Lil' Dude Stirrups, Nylon

Lil' Dude Stirrups, Nylon

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Your child will ride more confidently in a full-sized Western saddle with our Lil’ Dude Stirrups.

These exclusive stirrups are a great way to help your child learn to ride.

They eliminate the time spent switching to a child-sized saddle and moving adult-length stirrups up to a child’s length.

The horse can wear a saddle that fits well instead of a child-sized saddle that may rub, pinch and cause saddle sores.

Made from durable, 1-3/4" wide nylon, Lil’ Dude Stirrups have a 1" wide nylon strap that buckles around the saddle horn.

The front panel is designed to help keep your child more securely centered in the saddle and decrease side-to-side and back-and-forth slippage when the child shifts weight.

Child-sized synthetic stirrups are covered with leather tapaderos to help prevent little feet from slipping through stirrups.

The stirrup lengths adjust from 20" to 30" quickly and easily.

Durable nickel plated hardware.

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